Importance Of Workplace Environment

Friday, January 25th, 2013

In a world of active business competition, the image projected to the customer becomes important. The office, including the building, is the physical workplace which projects both to the customer and to the worker the charisma of the business and the sophistication of the work being done there.

Such being the case, the workplace itself has to be ensconced in a professional and modern looking building. The primary focus of the interior of the office has to be conducive for the workers to put forth their best effort in the work entrusted to them. The workplace itself can be of different kinds:

Office Meeting Room

1. The Open Office is generally preferred where ten or more people can sit at tables in one common area. This is suitable for jobs where easy communication among the workers is required. But this is only good for jobs which do not require too much concentration.

2. Space for Teams: Here, partially enclosed areas will be designated for a team working on the same project. This will afford easy communication and at the same time allow for concentration on the job.

3. Cubicles are provided for managers, where the person in charge is able to communicate in semi-private meetings on a one-on-one basis or even with small groups in his cubicle.


4. Private Offices are for people on the higher rung of the hierarchy who will need to have confidential conversations either with workers or with clients on the phone.

5. Conference Rooms of varying sizes such as small, medium and large rooms are important for informal as well as formal meetings between officers and workers.

6. Support Spaces: any office work can be efficiently carried out only with the help of machines. Thus the workplace must have a space for printers and copiers to which workers have easy access. Similarly, a storage room would be useful to keep office supplies in as well as filing cabinets.

All offices have to consider the comfort of the people who work there. An area where people can relax for a few minutes for coffee or even a small cafeteria for lunch would be an asset to any workplace. Bigger organizations today even have a gym attached for the well being of their employees.

Though a lot of reading can be done online, it is always prestigious to have a small library where books on business and journals can be kept for the enhancement of knowledge of the people in the office. The library can also be a place to display trophies and awards won by the organization.

It goes without saying that every desk, where an employee is seated, should have adequate room for a laptop or a PC, an intercom or telephone, drawers in the desk to accommodate work supplies. It also helps to provide a display board where a worker can mark his space with pictures of family or favorite quotes. All this helps with ownership of the space by the employee and will create a happy atmosphere for the individual to work in.

Office Group

Good lighting and, if possible, a certain amount of natural lighting and picture windows can add to the ambience of the workplace. Efficient air-conditioning and electrical power backup are also important. As far as the décor is concerned, natural plants and the sound of flowing water in the lobby can add to the calmness of the atmosphere. It is always good to remember that a happy employee, who can take pride in the kind of office he works in, will lead to optimum efficiency from him leading to the overall success of the business.

Office supplies and furniture make up the overall ambience of the workplace. In earlier times the concept of specifically designed office furniture and fixtures was not much popular, but today employers pay special attention to providing the best working environment. There are many vendors working to provide relevant office supplies.  Office Depot and Staples Store are two of the prominent vendors.

Office Depot

Office Depot was established in 1986 and its first retail store was opened in Florida. Gradually they expanded operations and now they have a retail web store too. They offer a variety of different office products including furniture, different types of paper rolls, bindings, label makers, heaters, coolers, beverages and candy machines, computers, accessories and much more.


Similarly, Staples Inc. is a large supply chain of office supplies. It is based in Massachusetts and has over 2000 stores worldwide. It too operates an online retail store. They products and services include all kinds of office supplies, machinery, accessories, software applications and support services.

Appropriate office environment is not only important for employees; it also reflects company’s reputation and portrays an image of the business for stakeholders. So, office should be properly equipped and managed.

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